Powering peace of mind

iSmartHome Automation System allows you to monitor and be in control of your home in a seamless fashion.

Safe and in control of your home

Our user friendly app is your personal concierge! Designed to cater your lifestyle and is tailored to your exact requirements. Set custom notifications for lighting, air-conditioning, TV, curtains and many more.

Lights and Switches

Control every lamp in the house. Whether you're at home or not.

Security Cameras

Monitor and record all the activity in your home. You concierge will notify you of any activity on the premises.


Welcome a new morning by syncing your alarm clock to simultaneously open your curtains.

Door Locks

Did you remember to lock the front door? Never second-guess again. Secure all your doors and windows with the tap of your phone.

Air Conditioning

Setting the temperature of your home has never been as easy, you could warm up or cool down your place before you get home.

And More

Our easy-to-use app delivers peace of mind right to the palm of your hand.

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Change the Mood
with Just One Tap


Audio System

Set the tone for a productive and positive day! Create an environment conducive for getting ready in the morning, complete with your favorite tunes.


Audio System

Skip the restaurant and create the perfect mood for romance right at home. Shut the curtains for some privacy, set some soft and smooth songs and even set the lights to warm, romantic tones.


Audio System

Get any party started with a colour changing strobe lights right in your own living room! Automatically pump up the volume on all of your favourite party hits.


It’s your home, make it work for you! For all that you do, whether studying, putting the kids to bed, or hosting a book club create a custom environment ideal for all of your daily activities.

Solutions for all

Our Technology easily creates custom environments for every activity in your home, office and even hotel room. iSmartHome provides security, energy efficient, comfort, convenience and stress-free living.

Audio System

You can turn on or off your music playlist by a simple tap on our app, or control panel.


Opening and closing curtains is easier than ever, just tap a curtains button on iSmartHome app.


Never search for remote again. Control television and sound system from anywhere in your house using the app.

Air Condition

You can turn on/off your air condition, set room temperature with the app.

Bedside Controller

Skip looking through the hotel directory. Access full list hotel services and accommodations from app.


Never search for remote again. Control television and sound system from anywhere in your hotel room using the app.


Lights automatically turn on when guests walking into their room, and off when they leave.


Opening and closing curtains is easier than ever, just tap a curtains button on iSmartHome app.

Office Brightness

Control shades with a single tap from the control panel or our app.


Lights automatically turn on when the working day starts, and off when the day ends

Keep an Eye on Things

Check in with employees when your away, with live camera access from your phone.

Set the Tone

Connected to speaker, turns on saved playlist when employees arrive.




The Benefits

iSmartHome technology is the key to your perfect day, everyday. From waking up to your favourite tunes, having your favourite coffee brewed automatically for you in the morning, to checking in on the kids to assure that they’ve arrived home safely after school; our easy-to-use iSmartHome app provides peace of mind right from the palm of your hand.

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